Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wacom intuos 4 Tablet mini Review

We purchased a Wacom intuos 4 at the time it was with a wrong price tag (thx. engadget :). )


I receivd the shippment the second day after the order (wow!). Plug it and try it, what an excellent tablet! The sensibility level is virtually feel like using a pen in the reality.

It comes with one pen and a mouse. Pen is excellent without a doubt, the mouse is also the most amazing part! No battery and good resolution + even with scroll!


The one we order is size "Large". The LED display is cool feature and it displays Chinese TOO, the command shortcut is customizable with the software comes with it. By the way, "Large" is really a good size for mapping on a 24' LCD (1900x1200)


I love to use it with Adobe's package, including lightroom, well feel like drawing on paper! Touching up photo can never be easier!


Down Sides:

  1. The USB cable is annoying... and when you are holding and drawing on your tablet you can easily pull your laptop off from the table.
  2. Sofwtare custimzation is over simplified :)
  3. Still a bit heavy to me...

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